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5. Job Responsibilities of MPHW
The MPHW (Male) course envisages to adequately train the MPHW (Male) to carry
out the responsibilities assigned to him. He should make a visit to each family once a
month. MPHW (Male) will mainly focus on activities which are related to disease
control programs, detection and control of epidemic outbreaks, environmental
sanitation, safe drinking water, first aid in emergencies like accidents, injuries, burns
etc., treatment of common/ minor illnesses, communication and counselling, life
style diseases and logistics and supply management at sub-centre. In addition he will
also facilitate ANM in MCH, Family Welfare, and Nutrition related activities. Due
importance should be given in assessment of MPHW (Male) training both at
institutional and field level accordingly. The broad areas of job responsibilities of
MPHW (Male) would broadly include the following –
5.1.1 Malaria
a. Conduct domiciliary house-to-house visits covering all the assigned population as per
   the schedules approved by the PHC Medical Officer. During his visits, he shall enquire
   about fever cases in each family and verify the cases diagnosed positive after the last
b. Collect blood smears and perform RDT from suspected fever cases and appropriately
   maintain records in M-1.
c. Ensure immediate dispatch of collected blood smears for laboratory investigations
   and provide treatment to positive cases as per the guidelines.

d. Advise all seriously ill cases to visit PHC for immediate treatment and refer all fever
   case with altered sensorium to the PHC / hospital and arrange funds for
   transportation of such cases from NRHM/ other funds.
e. Undertake necessary measures to contain the spread of disease as advised by PHC
   Medical officer.
f. Liaison with ASHA / Village Health Guide / Anganwadi Worker for early detection of
   malaria, replenish the stocks of microscopy slides, RDKs and / or drugs.
g. Ensure treatment for all diagnosed cases as per the instructions by the PHC medical
   officer and also take prompt actions for adverse reactions reported.
h. Intimate each house hold in advance regarding date of spraying and other public
   health activities as well as duly explain the benefits of such activities to the
Supervise the spraying operations and deploy the two squads in adjoining areas for
adequate supervision. Ensure the quality of spraying operations for uniformity in
coverage of all the surfaces as well as due precautions regarding water sources and
personal hygiene as per the guidelines.
Maintain the records of domiciliary visits, blood smears collected, patients given anti-
malarials, details of spraying operations etc in the prescribed formats.
5.1.2 Tuberculosis (RNTCP)
a. Identify all cases of fever for over two weeks with prolonged cough or spitting of
   blood and refer to PHC for further investigation. Verify the TB patients self
   reporting at health facilities.
b. Function as DOTs provider to ensure that all confirmed cases are on regular
   treatment and motivate defaulters for regular treatment.
c. Improve community awareness on signs and symptoms of tuberculosis and guide
   the suspected TB cases for referral to the designated microscopy centres and
   facilitate sputum examinations.
d. Assist and supervise the ASHAs / Anganwadi Workers / Village Health Guides /
   local health volunteers to function effectively as DOTs providers by ensuring
   regularity of DOTS, schedule the DOTs as per patient’s convenience and collection
   of empty blister packs.
e. Ensure that follow up smear examinations of sputum are carried out as per the
f. Maintain the treatment cards and transmit the data weekly to the PHC.
g. Maintain the records of domiciliary visits, records of patients on treatment,
   sputum examinations etc

5.1.3 Leprosy
a. Identify Leprosy suspected cases of skin patches with loss of sensation and refer to
Provide Multi Drug Treatment (MDT) to confirmed cases and ensure completion of
treatment including retrieval of defaulters.
Guide leprosy patients with deformities for management at appropriate health
Assist and supervise the ASHAs / Anganwadi Workers / Village Health Guides /
local health volunteers for early detection of Leprosy cases and treatment.
Improve community awareness on signs and symptoms of Leprosy for early
Maintain the treatment cards and transmit the data to the PHC
Maintain the records of domiciliary visits and records of patients on treatment.
5.1.4 Preventive Health Care
a. Surveillance for unusually high incidence of cases of diarrhoeas, dysentery, fever,
   jaundice, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio and other communicable
   disease and notify PHC.
b. Ensure regular chlorination of all the drinking water sources. Collect water samples
   regularly, send for testing and undertake appropriate actions for provision of safe
   drinking water supplies.
c. Generate community awareness regarding safe drinking water, sanitation, waste
   disposal and personal hygiene and ensure safe disposal of liquid / solid wastes.
d. Assist and coordinate with the VHSC and SHC / PHC Committees as well community
   leaders for health awareness and preventive health care activities.
5.1.5 School Health including Nutrition
a. Visit all the schools in the assigned area and advocate personal hygiene, nutrition,
   safe drinking water and sanitation and other public health measures.
b. Undertake awareness generation of national health programmes (Malaria, TB,
   Leprosy etc) for early detection of communicable and non-communicable diseases
c. Ensure completion of immunisation schedules including Inj. TT as per guidelines
d. Assist Ophthalmic Assistant for eye screening of children for detection of visual

e. Identify cases of malnutrition in school children and refer cases to PHC Medical
   Officer. Guide teachers and parents on nutrition and anaemia. Educate the
   community about nutritious diet for mothers and children from locally available
5.1.6 Maternal Health including Family Planning
a. Assist in ensuring timely referral transport for pregnant women at the time of
b. Provide follow-up services for acceptors of male sterilization and also motivate
   males for sterilisation and spacing methods based on ANMs eligible couple

c. Assist the ANMs and ASHAs in distribution of conventional contraceptives to
   eligible couples.


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