Para Medical Ophthalmic Officer Job chart
Assistant ophthalmic officer shall work under administrative control of SPHO of the CHNC.
1. He will prepare his fixed tour program and integrate it with fixed day health services program of CHNC.
2  He will screen and provide the basic eye out -patient services and refer the cases to appropriate institutions as when required..
3. Perform refraction check up and prescribe spectacles in uncomplicated cases.
4.  He will assist the Medical Officer of the PHC / Ophthalmic surgeons in routine diagnostic and investigation procedures.
5. He will accompany and assist the medical officer & fixed day health services team in providing eye care services, distribute spectacles to the cataract operated cases & provide follow–up visit.
6.He will assist and organize eye camps at Primary Health Centers under the supervision of the District ophthalmic Surgeons and PHC Medical Officers of the CHNC.
7.He will actively participate in school health program for early detection of eye diseases. He will assist the SPHO and Medical Officer PHC s in training the school teachers, community health workers and volunteers in prevention and control of the blindness. He will maintain a CHNC record of school children with poor vision (Mandal wise, PHC and school- wise) and ensure follow up.
9. Assist in eye Health Education Activities.
10. To refer the serious cases to the ophthalmic surgeon in District Hospitals and General Hospitals.
12.To maintain a register of private eye surgeons and eye care nursing homes existing in the CHNC and collect information on cataract operations done every month in each of them and to send a consolidated report to the District Ophthalmic Surgeon and D.P.M. Who in turn will consolidate the district figures and send them to the State ProgramOfficer. He should also maintain Blind register, village – wise, for each PHC in the CHNC.
13. To consolidate vitamin A distribution at PHC s and send it to the State Program Officer through the DM & HO.
14. His services are meant for eye care and prevention of blindness.

15.He will execute any work as assigned by the SPHO of CHNC.

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