Health Educator
The Health educator works under direct administrative control and technical guidance of CHNC SPHO. Health educator’s services are to be exclusively utilized IEC ( information ,Education ,Communication ) , BCC (behavioural change communication ) activity planning implementation and monitoring.
1. He/She will prepare annual action plan for CHNC for the health education , regular and proposed training programs to be undertaken involving all the stakeholders and submit it to the SPHO for the approval.
2. He / She will accompany the SPHO when he goes on tour as and when instructed.
3. He/She will prepare press releases and assist the SPHO in conducting periodic press meets.
4. He will prepare and display (along with other staff ) the maps of CHNC , Data charts and other program related IEC material in the CHNC office room.
1.He / She will collect , document and file the IEC material related to all the national and state programs at CHNC office.
2.He / She will participate in mahila amakhya meetings , school health programs , youth festivals , college days , garam Panchayath and mandal parishath meetings to disseminate the health information related to Health promotion , prevention of the disease , and the Govt.Health schemes.
3.He / She will visit the PHC regularly to evaluate and guiding the PHC staff in conducting IEC Activities.
1. He / She will assess training need for various categories of Health and Family Planning personnel for health education.
2.  He / She will develop annual training calendar for all the PHC , & Sub centre staff training.
3.  He / She will assist in develop training curriculum for the various categories to be trained in health education and organize and evaluate this training programme with involvement of SHEBs and RF PTCs.
4. He / She will plan and introduce health education component in the training of para medical personnel, school teachers and community health volunteers.
5. He / She will develop teaching aids suited to local needs in collaboration with the PHC staff.
6. He / She will plan and organize field exposure, hands on learning programs for facilitating peer to peer learning.


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